Inspiration for The World’s Photo Album

When I was growing up I enjoyed looking at several oversized, five pound photo albums my Dad had put together, which went all the way back to his rock and roller days in the 50s and 70s. It felt groovy traveling back in time via those photographs, to decades when everything looked so different.

My Dad, the singer for Bob Reed and the Creations. Evansville, IN 1958


My Dad, on the far right, in 1972 with his band. Binghampton, NY

Now that I’m older, I store my old photos in boxes or on my computer and friends and I look through them. Inevitably, one story will lead to another, and before I know it an hour or more of fun has passed while looking at old pictures.

Living the good life. Castle Mountain, Chickaloon, AK 1995


Exhausted on a mountain top on a weeklong hike in Colorado. 2009

The World’s Photo Album is the same kind of experience; a place where pictures bring memories to life. I hope you enjoy this site, and feel free to submit your own memorable photos.