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One of the best ways to evoke memories that stir in our hearts the strongest, is to pull out the photo album and open a lifetime of stories. Somehow all those pictures sum up who we were, and still are, better than almost anything else. Submit your unique and memorable photos from decades ago and more recent times. You can submit as few as one or two photos, or a few dozen photos. Multiple sets of submissions are accepted. And if you don't want to resize your photos to really small files feel free to just send them in multiple batches with a few photos per submission.

And thank you so much for your wonderful submissions!
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to resize your photos, if needed, before uploading them to this website. This form will not work if any of your photos are larger than 300KB.
  • A heading for your picture or group of pictures. You may include your first name and a statement that describes your pictures, you and your life. If you are submitting more than 1 set of photos keep the title the same for each photo set to make it easy to search for the other sets that you are uploading.
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    Select each of your photos using the 'Choose File' buttons below, and add a caption for each photo. Be sure to click the 'Submit' button at the bottom, and please be patient while your photos upload.